Hi, I’m LLure

I create cool and bold online experiences

As a designer and developer, I understand the perfect user interface should look good and work even better. Alongside my clients, I uncover problems and solve them.

For more info you can send me an email here.

Cocolisa Studio

A custom typography for an interior design studio.

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Alien Typeface1

Rethink and redefine the limits of typography

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A DApp to interact with 10K tokens on the ethereum blockchain.

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Interacting with Polygon network

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EverPunks Music Club

A collection of 10.000 characters generated by code.

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Going to the Abstract

A personal project of generative art where you can participate.

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Màgia Roja

A post-punk/industrial/noise music label based in Barcelona.

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Handmade lamps in the 21st century

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This is Domotics, Sir

An ambitious start-up specialized in home automation.

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